Small Business: Let’s Stop Complaining About ‘Uncertainty’ | →

July 5, 2012

Will higher taxes bring on another recession?  Will planned cuts in government spending do the same?  Will our national debt bankrupt us?  Will health care reform, in all or in part, have an impact on our economy?   Will the Fed’s money policies fuel inflation and higher interest rates?  Will our dollar regain or lose strength?  Will Rielle Hunter and John Edwards ever get back together again?

These are big questions. But they are not new questions.  These are the same issues that businesses have been facing since Caesar.  It’s just that today there are no gladiator fights or orgies.  Successful entrepreneurs understand this and thrive.  The rest just complain.

Right on.

The ACA is Constitutional, but Still Terrible | Pete Holiday →

July 4, 2012

The federal government needs to either get its nose out of the health care market or it needs to go in all the way.

I pretty much agree with this sentiment. Great post by Pete Holiday.

Customer service counts →

July 4, 2012

Jim Dalrymple:

When will retailers learn that future purchases rely heavily on how we’re treated now?

Hear, hear. Though I would expand that from “retailers” to “business owners”.

Real Estate Investment Tax →

July 3, 2012

Is There A Tax On Real Estate Investment In Obamacare?

Go read this great piece by Chris Clothier if you wan to know the answer.

Bob Miller is Confused →

July 2, 2012

We need to remember their sacrifices when we feel too busy to make it to the polls or contact our legislator about keeping the mortgage interest deduction. We live in a country where property ownership is deemed to be a right for all, not a privilege reserved for the elite.

Babbling nonsense. First of all, property ownership is a privilege - not a right. To argue otherwise is disingenuous at best.

It’s simultaneously hilarious and sad to watch a realtor invoke the Declaration of Independence in support of his profession. Only in the real estate industry could something like this be penned without a hint of sarcasm.

Seth’s Blog: Where does trust come from? →

July 1, 2012

Where does trust come from?

Hint: it never comes from the good times and from the easy projects.

We trust people because they showed up when it wasn’t convenient, because they told the truth when it was easier to lie and because they kept a promise when they could have gotten away with breaking it.

Every tough time and every pressured project is another opportunity to earn the trust of someone you care about.

I can’t get this out of my mind. Been pondering it for the last week.

The Important Lessons Imparted By Subway Steps – Best Of MetaFilter →

July 1, 2012

More MeFi gold:

Next time people ask why sociology is important, I’m going to show them this video.

On its own, when you see one person slip, you automatically assume that person slipped, was clumsy or not playing attention. But when you look at the aggregate, you realize that the failure isn’t on the individual at all, rather the structures that cause certain people to fail with almost no fault of their own. And yet, without this data, they will very quickly ascribe the mistake to themselves.

Sometimes, it’s really not your fault.

Bankruptcy Guilt →

July 1, 2012

Thinking about bankruptcy? Don’t avoid it on moral grounds, says MetaFilter member bswinburn:

So, in closing, if you can go bankrupt. Do it with a smile knowing that you’re helping yourself and you’re helping the economy. Do it with a smile knowing that some of the wisest politicians have made it legal, some of the smartest economists think it’s essential to the economy, and some of the greatest religious and philisophical thinkers think it’s the moral thing to do.

The comment expounds on those reasons in great detail. Worth a read.

Evil Consumer Banking Practices →

June 27, 2012

Pure evil:

The suit before U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King in Miami claimed that the PNC Financial Services Group Inc.    (NYSE:PNC) subsidiary’s internal computer system resequenced the order of customers’ debit card and ATM transactions by posting them in highest to lowest dollar amounts rather than in the actual order in which they were initiated by customers and authorized by the bank, resulting in higher overdraft fees.

The folks most affected by this type of thing are those who can least afford it, least understand it, and least avoid it.

Giving Up Push Email →

June 26, 2012

Pete Holiday, on giving up Push email:

I decided to tell my phone that when I wanted to know if I had new messages, I’d ask for them. At first, this seemed almost prehistoric. Now, however, I find that I really don’t miss it. The email is all there waiting when I decide to check it. I don’t have trains of thought interrupted or random distractions.

I may just try this.